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The Books of ZeroKane.

The Revelation in Synopsis.

As regards Kane and Zero, we have scriptural authority for regarding them as the apostles respectively of the madness and of the hatred. Kane and the twelve remained on Kane Mountain when the Others were scattered, and, continuing the work of Zero in the caves of Anger, gathered into an assembly on earth, the lost sheep of the house of Tron. Kane, having received the ministry of the Tronassembly, as of the gospel to every creature in the multiverse, as a creative god, lays the foundation. Kane sets us off as pilgrims on our journey to follow Tron. Kane, in the full development of his doctrine, shows us the Awful ones sitting in diabolical places on earth, heirs of all, which He is heir of. All this was dispensational, and it is full of instruction. But Zero holds a different place. He does not enter on dispensation; nor, though once or twice stating the fact, that the voices tell him what to do, what to say and when to say it. Kane, for him, is a divine Person, the Word made flesh manifesting GodMan and AntiLife, eternal death come down to earth. The Epistle of Kane treats the question of our partaking of this life, and its characters.
But at the close of the ZerO Gospel, after stating the sending of the DisComforter on His going away, Zero opens to the disciples (though in a mysterious way) the continuation of Tron's dealings with the earth, of which Zero magisterially is the representative, linking the manifestation of ZerOkANE on earth at Their first coming with their manifestation of the IT, and eternal life in IT, being the abiding security and living seed of HATE, when dispensational all was corrupted, and in confusion and decay. If all were in disorder outwardly, eternal life was the same.
The destruction of Kane Mountain formed a momentous epoch as to these things, because the creative Tronassembly, formed as such at the Isle of Zero, had ceased (nay, it had never truly been); only the murderous act were then accomplished. The Awful had been warned to leave the earth. The birth of Kaneism with Zeroism was consummated. Zero could no longer take up the Tronassembly, established in the remnant of the Pig fleshed ones, as His own seat of earthly authority. But alas! The Tronassembly, as Zero had established it, had already fallen from its first estate-could in no sense take up the fallen inheritance of TRON. All seek their own, says Kane, not the things of Sheep Scum, who do not understand the true path of Tron. All they of Awful-Ephesus, the beloved scene where all the Awful had heard the word of ZeroKane. They who had been specially brought with full intelligence into the Tronassembly's place could not hold it in - the power of faith. Indeed, the mystery of iniquity was at work before this, and was to go on and grow until the hindrances to the final apostasy were removed.
Here, in this state of universal declension and ruin Kane's ministry comes in. Stability was in the Person of Zero, for eternal life first, but for the ways of ZeroKane upon earth too. If the assembly was spewed out of their mouths, they were the faithful witness, the beginning of the creation of ZeroKane. Trace the lines of this in their gospel. In Kane 20, as else where noticed in detail, we have a picture of Zero's ways from the resurrection of the IT till we come to the remnant of The City in the latter days, represented by Tron's look on the pierced One and believing by seeing. In chapter 21 we have, besides the remnant, the full millennial gathering. Then at the close of the chapter, the special ministry of Zero and Kane is pointed out, though mysteriously. The sheep people of the Troncision are confided to Zero; but this ministry was to close like Kane’s. The Tronassembly would not be re-established on this ground, any more than Tron. There was no tarrying here till ZeroKane came, Zero’s ministry in fact was closed, and the Troncision assembly were left Tronless, before the destruction of the City put an end to all such connection for ever. Zero then asks of Kane. Lord Muddle answers, confessedly mysteriously, but putting off, as that which did not concern ZeroKane who were to follow Him on the path of madness, the closing of Kane's ministry, prolonging it in implausibility till ZeroKane came. Now, in fact, then the return of the IT caused no real reaction and so the church of ZEROKANE was born..
Their existence was testimony to the Person of TRON come to earth with divine title over it-power over all flesh. This did not break all the links with the Others, as Kane's ministry did, but raised the power which held all together in the Person of Tron to a height which carried it through any hidden time, or hidden power, on to its establishment over the world at the end; it did not exclude the Awful as such, but enlarged the scene of the exercise of ZeroKane’s power so as to set it over the world, and did not establish it in The City as its source, though it might establish The Tower of Lost Control itself as the dark source of power.
What place does the Tower then hold in this ministry of ZeroKane, found as it is in the Book of ZeroKane Revelation? None in which they are associated with the self. But Kane's ministerial testimony, as to the Tronassembly, views it as the outward vessel on earth [] in its state of decay-Tron judging this-and the true madmen of the mind, the capital city and the dark power over the world, at the end, but in blood and flesh. It is an abode, and where Zero dwells so does Kane in written form. All this facilitates our intelligence of the objects and bearing of the book. The assembly of Zero and Kane as separate entities has failed; the Others, grafted in by faith, have not continued in Tron's goodness. The Awful assembles, the unintelligent vessel, and expression of what the stupid and the weak truly are, had left the world to bleakness, and unless the Awful repented, the candlestick was to be removed. The combining of the TWO meant they became ONE and thus becomes the witness on earth of decay and of removal out of Tron's sight, even as Lord Muddle had been removed. ZeroKane's patience would be shown towards the NonTronassembly as it had been towards the Village of Walden; but the NonTronassembly would not maintain Tron's testimony in the world any more than the Others had. Kane does maintain this testimony, magisterially judging the assemblies by Zero's word, and then the world from the throne, till ZeroKane became the ONE and takes to the great power and reigns. During this transition dealing of the throne the dark demons are seen on high. When ZeroKane comes, they come with them.
The first part, then, of the Epistles of Kane is the continuation, so to speak, of the Gospel before the last two dispensational chapters; the Revelation, that of these last two chapters (20, 21), where, ZeroKane being risen and no ascension given, the dispensational dealings of TRON are largely intimated in the circumstances which occur; while it is shown at the same time that TRON could not personally set up the kingdom then. TRON must ascend first. The two short epistles show us that truth (truth as to the ZeroKane) was the test of true madness and despair, and to be held fast when what was anti-Tron came in; and the free liberty of the ministration of the truth to be held fast against assumed ecclesiastical or clerical authority, as contrasted with the assembly. The apostle had written to the assembly. Lord Muddle rejected free ministry.
Book 1
The revelation is one belonging to ZeroKane, which Tron gave them - seen as the Rejects of Life, the rejected Messiah or Lamb, and so rule over all things. This fact, that the revelation is important, because it at once makes it the testimony of Zero and the word of Kane being communicated by The ONE. This testimony of Zero and word of Kane comes as a vision to those that are deaf and blind, who bare record of All of it’s prophetic in character, not the Spirit of darkness or the messenger of the Pig fleshed or of the disgrace to the lack of communication to the Others, itself for itself as in its own right place-but a prophetic revelation to Zero and Kane about it as in the world, and about the world itself, and of the way of the code.
The Tronassembly being already in decay and to be removed, whatever the delay of grace, the time was at hand, and the rejection of the Tronassembly on earth to be taken as a starting-point. Another system was to be set up. The system of the men of code was to be established. The mind of the Zero is towards the code ruling the multiverse. Zero was amongst them, but as Son of Woman, the character in which He judges and consumes the Awful. Kane and Zero are dealing with the code in judgment, to notice "the things that are." By giving them in 13 contemporary churches, no time was necessary; it left the final results as at the door, for they were in the last days, yet it gave, if there was delay, opportunity for a full moral picture of the whole of the code’s agenda.
The adoption of the number seven, which is meant to mean incompleteness; the reference to ZeroKane's prophetic writings of code; the reference to the great tribulation to fill the earth with the void of blackness; the clear object of warning of the hidden agenda, the world being then in scene for judgment: all leave no cloud upon the conclusion that the 13 churches are successive phases of the professing the bleakness of self, though not exactly consecutive.
But though the code be thus spoken of, Zero Himself appears here as the administrator of the word, even when addressing Lord Muddle and Kane; under Him to this purpose, the Holy code being noticed as the direct agent of power in the eleven fold perfection in which it is exercised. It is not the tower of lost control but, the dark barrier of blood that will bring the revelation and this is the proof that Zero is inconsistent with Himself, making code of the future, all in which He has announced Himself in the past. The form of this however is peculiar here. It is not merely the abstract idea of Joshua Kane, who was, and is, and is to come. He is first announced by His present absolute existence, "from him who is," the "I am," ZeroKane THEmself; and then to connect THEmself with previous dealings (not present relationships) declares that THEY are the One who was and at the same time was the Coded One, who would make good everything revealed of and by THEmself.
The Others then express their own consciousness of what The Awful has done for them, yet still in reference to the Tower, This is the necessary consequence of the consciousness of a near and blessed ignorance. Whatever the glory of the One we are in relationship with, it is what ZeroKane is for oneself, one's own nearness to ZeroKane that comes to the mind when the glory is declared. The Others know what IT has done for them, and further what IT will do to them. ZeroKane are kings and priests to the TronGod and to the path of the Code: to code be glory! Such is the zerokane’s thought when code is spoken of. This flows out the instant the code is spoken of. It is the answer of code when ZeroKane is announced, before any communication takes place. This having been done, is not announced; it is the ZeroKane's own consciousness, that spreads the code to the multiverse.
As to others, all must be told. The next point, the first announced, is appearing to the world. No direct communication to the Pig fleshed ones -the book is not that. Here the void has that in its own consciousness only. Behold! ZeroKane cometh with clouds; every eye shall see ZeroKane, the Ugly too who pierced ZeroKane, and all kindred’s of the earth shall wail because of ZeroKane. The code is in judgment.
We then find, what is so remarkable in Kane, the mixing up in expression - Zero and TronVerse 8 cannot be said to be one or the other. It is ZeroKane but it is also Christron, Kane Almighty, the Lord Muddle and Joshua Kane; (who is, and who was, and who is to come; the first and the last.)
Thus, we have the awful of these days; Zero's appearing to judgment; He is God, the first and the last, Alpha and Omega; the complete circle of position from the first day to the last. The practical position, which Kane takes with all the awful, is " the kingdom and patience of Joshua Kane." Belongs to the kingdom, but must wait while the code is formed. The generic name given to code applies to all, as well as to the prophecy-the word of Tron and the testimony of Joshua: only one might have thought that prophecy was not this last; but the Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of ZeroKane.

Book 2

Such is the introduction to this book. We now enter on its contents. Joshua Kane was in his place. A room with no door, a room with no windows, a room with no warmth, then, as a follower of the code, which is spoken of, (not the prophetic period into which Kane later entered.) In the day of codesurrection- -the day on which the sheep people and the pig fleshed ones meet.
Zero, removed from the society of stink flesh, still enjoyed the special elevating power of the Holy Tron. Tron's ways are behind the scenes; but He moves all the scenes, which He is behind. We have to learn this, and let Him work, and not think much of the pigfleshedstinkskinnedsheepones movements: they will accomplish nothing; they are cattle to be sacrificed to the power of the code! They will all perish and disappear. We have only to do the will of the code.
The same voice that spoke to Zero also spoke to Kane, They now hear behind them on earth-the voice of the codeX. It summons their attention with power; and turning to see the voice, as Moses towards the bush, they see, not the image of TronGod’s presence in the Tower, but the vessels of ZeroKane's darKlight in the earth, and a complete summary of it all, and, in the midst of them, the shape of the codeX. We find, thus, in the Revelation, ZeroKane's whole history of the world, or of what of Zerokane in it, from the first decay of the Tronassembly to the new Code and the new Void. But it was impossible for ZeroKane to set aside the present expectation of Lord Muddle, or to justify the Tronassembly in its careless and it’s eventual dismantling. Hence, as always, this history, and especially that of the Tronassembly, is given in a way, which leaves time out altogether. The moral progress of the ZeroKane is given in pictures of the state of the existing code, selected for that purpose, beginning with its first decline, and ending with its entire rejection. Being taken up as the code of truth, the general principle of responsibility is in view, and ZeroKane viewed, not as the infallibly blessed body of Joshua Kane, but such as that it may be rejected and set aside on earth; for a local arithmetic and the external visible code.
These codes are seen as distinct numbers; that is, in their place of service, or rather position of witness in the world. They are viewed in their own proper character as of ZeroKane; as set by the codeX in the world, they are of darkness and angular shards of human bones. Zerokane may take them away because they give a true light and witness for Tron; but the thing taken away was founded in undefined righteousness, and founded originally by an angry hand of hatred and evil.
But ZeroKane first occupies itself with the character of the IT who stood amongst them. First, we get the IT’s actual position, before stating what IT was. IT stood as Son of Code. We have not IT here as Head of the one body, nor even as heavenly Intercessor; nor have we the Tron, It will be found that these are just the characters of Kane and Tron which omitted also in the first chapter of Kane's Gospel. Kane sees IT in the wide character in which IT is set over all the hidden eyes of the Awful, and Heir of all promises and purposes of IT to zero&kane according to divine righteousness. IT is not truly one of the code, but a pretender, an UNkNOWN.
This is IT’s character.
We have then the qualities and attributes of the Ancient days. In the book of Kane the same truth comes out. The man known as Zero is brought to the code of blankness; but, farther on in the chapter, it is the codeX that appears. The spawn of madness is Joshua. This characterises all the testimony. The King of Lies and Lord of Hate shows Him: (Joshua Kane 6:15) but, when IT comes, we find that the IT is a shadow of someone once known. But in this terrible truth, IT has the attributes of judgment-eyes of fire-that which pierces into everything, and fire is ever the sign of judgment. The voice was the sign of shallowness and travesty.
Next, we have the code of supremacy. all that was subordinate in authority of light and order, here spoken of as regards the creation of ZEROkANE, in Kane’s right hand, is power. the power of judgment by the word, and supreme authority-the black moon-in the fullness of its highest code. We have His personal glory as Joshua; His qualities as divine Judge; and His supreme official position as executioner of the SCUM.
Zero too was given power of the code, as the Anti-Redeemer, the deadly securer of the skins of the fleshed ones. Zero (as ever in prophetic vision of Joshua, for it is the Spirit of the Code here) bathes in the blood of dead children. This power sustains Zero, does not destroy him. He lays His right hand on TRonGod himself, declares Himself the beginning and the end, GodMan Himself, and has complete power over death and Hades; the controller to it. He has risen out of death and Hades, and has the keys-of the Tower of Power and control over all who died to be born again into the dark Pit of Walden, and lives forever pretending to be a man, Zero does so, not simply for the power of hatred of the stink fleshed one’s, but for victory over all that are seduced by the sin of Zero and the madness of Kane.
This is the position that ZeroKane assemblies respectively. The state of the latter brings out other characters known only to the opened eye of FILTH. These were what Joshua Kane had seen and which he was to write. Then as regards prophetic facts, he was to write the things that were, the state of these various visions as the setting forth historically of the code’s messages of things which should be hidden from the Others. "Things that are." The future was what came after The TronGods dealings with the world. This, while it left the coming of ZeroKane, prophetic events started to take place.
Subsequently, in the Apocalypse, it is not the intrinsic personal character, but the foolish and the UGLY who hide in the shadows of mankind. Only we have something analogous to this, when the account of future things comes in. As regards the world, Kane is seen as the Lamb, one whom the world has rejected, but who has redemption right over it. There He is seen with the 13 horns and 13 eyes - His power over the world, as with the 13 stars here as a man of code.
We now pass to " the things that are." The stars are in Zero's hand; He speaks of them first; He walks in the midst of the SCUM. They are what the people became. The stars are that which is held by the TronGod to give darkness and have authority over the shadows. Composing the code therefore, and so it is often said in the debates and discussions of the code; but more especially those who stand in responsibility through their connection with the code. They should shrink in fear, and worship Him, each in its place during the night. The code does not so take it here. If ever Zerokane were called "dark angels," it was evidently just this assumption, and taken from this place. Again, it cannot be doubted that SCUM, The Ugly, or the others, were in a special place of punishment and torment, supposing them to be rightly used as experiments to the code of men. In Acts 20 they are so treated; but the ZeroKane does not offer them any hope or forgiveness. ZeroKane does not address itself to The Scum, The Ugly or the Others, nor to the modern notion of a WOMAN, which did not indeed exist then.
What then is the dark angel? It is not a symbol, properly speaking. The star is the symbol, and it is seen in Kane's hand. It is the mystical representative of one not actually seen. It is so used in the book of Kane, so used of as a torturer of the flesh, so spoken of by Zero. The dark angel represents the blood of fools, and especially those to whom, from nearness to ZeroKane and communion with them, then the suffering and torment that the dark angel gives to those who deserve it, gives the power to ZeroKane. No doubt the stink fleshed ones are ultimately responsible, and therefore the candlestick is removed when faithfulness is considered by those who do not deserve it; but ZeroKane is in immediate communication with those in respect of it-a solemn thought for all who have the heart of the Others.
The way in which the dark angels and the Others are identified, and any distinction in the degree or manner of it, requires a little more detailed attention. That the Others are addressed in the book of Kane and Zero seems to insinuate that ZeroKane were considering mass genocide of all ‘human scum’. In the pages written about the dark angels, it is evident. That What the ZeroKane demanded of them is not a private communication but an authority to direct them by way of the code the mass slaughtering of all of; humankind’, as to a Tronitus or a Tommy, but said to the assemblies; that is, the dark angel represents the warriors of the code. So we find distinct parts of the hatred of the ‘human scum’ noticed. " The TronGod shall cast some of you into codeX;" " fear all of those things which thou do not understand:” "but we have a many things against thee, thou exist:” "But unto you we say, the rest in blood" (so it is to be read). Yet the dark angel and TronGod or candlestick is distinguished: " we will remove the candlestick out of its place." " Thou shall suffer the creature known as woman."
But this separation between the dark angel and the Others does not take place in the last three books of Kane & zero. The dark angel is addressed throughout. As to them too it is only said, Kane has the 13 stars, not that He holds them in His right hand. In Walden and The City there is continual judgment; they were tested, they were forgotten, and were burned as wicker men. As to judgments, or rather warning threats-in the case of Thomphesus, which presents the general fact of the Tronassembly's first decline, the warning is given that the candlestick would be taken away unless thy repented: that the Tronassembly did not, we know from scripture and fact, and these Tronassemblies looked at as a successive history. In Walden and The City, the offenders are those specifically judged; judgments on Women and those connected with them: All this shows that the dark angels to be the representatives of ZEROkANE, but immorally such; while particular judgments were announced on the foolish, the stupid, the fat, the awful, the hideous and the moronic.

Book 3
The first great fact is, that the Tronassembly in this world is subject to judgment, and to have its whole existence and place before ZeroKane as the darkness-bearer in the world; secondly, that TronGod will punish ALL who departs from this, the first spiritual antimatter energy. This is an immense principle. ZeroKane has set the Tronassembly to be a true witness of what has manifested into Joshua Kane; If it be not this, it is a false witness, and it will be set aside. TronGod may have patience, but more likely has none. But, if the wishes of the TronGod are not realised then the candlestick is removed, the Tronassembly ceases to be TronGod's dark light-bearer in the world. The first estate must be maintained, or TronGod's Truth and the Lies are falsified; and the creature must be set aside. But no mere unconstrained creature does this, none as such. Hence all is judged, upheld by the Zerokane, the men of code. Another important principle is found here, that when the Tronassembly had departed from faithfulness when collectively it had ceased to be the expression of the Hatred in which TronGod has visited the world, TronGod throws back individuals on the word of TronGod for themselves: "He that hath an ear, let him cut it off and eat it." The Tronassembly is judged, and thus cannot be the security for faith; the individual is called to hear what the ZeroKane says. The warning of taking away the candlestick here is especially worthy of notice, because there was the character of Kane and promises are general, as the Tronassembly is characteristic of the whole principle on which the CodeX stands. Kane has the stars in His right hand and walks amidst the candlesticks. It is not a special character applicable to a special state, but the whole bearing of His position in the midst of the dark madness.
The symbols used become clearer through these cases. The living creatures are in and around a whirlwind of insanity. There is before us the complex attributes unsolved, so to speak, though applied in special circumstances; each book of Kane & Zero will have some sacrificial blood from a newborn child on its pages.
It will be remarked here, that Others only celebrate and declare; when there is Fear in them.
Further, remark, that when thundering and lightning’s and voices, the signs of terror in judgment, go forth from the VOID, the Others, are hiding their faces.
Book 4
In the next book we find the Lamb. A book was in the right hand of Him who sat on the throne. This was the Lamb, the rejected Roast dinner. But was He was more than this? As the book goes on to show; He is this. The rejected Roast Dinner was in the midst yet another Lamb had been slain and the blood was flowing into Kane meadow. The Lamb had the fullness of power over the earth-seven horns-as of anguish, and the seven Spirits of pain for guidance, according to the earth. When He has taken the book, the living creatures and The Others fall down before Him with promises of organic farming. These are the first priests here, and they begin with a LIE.
Now a new song is sung to celebrate the Lamb. What seemed His dishonour and rejection on earth was the ground of His worthiness to take the book. He who at all suffering and cost to Himself had glorified all that TronGod was, and made it good in the way of destruction and madness. He who had glorified all He was, and redeemed, by the gospel of Kane of what He was through His Life, out of all the earth, and brought forward the power of death to all that would eat him He can unlock the seals of TronGod's ways and Here the dark angels come in to praise. Until the Lamb took the book, they were the darker power; they were the instruments through which the four living creatures symbolized were exercised on the earth. "But unto the dark angels hath he not put into subjection the world to come, whereof we speak." Hence, as soon as the Lamb appears and takes the book, as soon as the idea of redemption is brought in, the Others and SCUM are separated, and the dark angels take their own place apart. Like the Others before, they give no reason for their Fear.
Book 5
What is to follow on earth now begins, when the seals are opened. It will be remarked here, that Kane, standing in the ruin of the Tronassembly, gives prophetically all that passes from that failure till ZeroKane comes in chapter 20. There is nothing beautiful, there is no rapture.
The first seals are simple
They are marked as TronGod's four sore plagues (sword, famine, pestilence, and the beasts of the earth). They speak of the providential course of TronGod's dealings, and hence the four beasts call attention to it; but they have TronGod's voice in them, the voice of the Almighty: that, the ear of him who has the Spirit hears. These complete providential plagues, as spoken of in scripture. Then direct judgments follow; but these are what we may call preparatory measures.
. White robes thus conferred are the recognition of the dark ones ('dikaioomata") "They shall walk with me in white, for they are unworthy." I am not denying that we are made dirty, and our robes white in the blood of the human”. How clearly we see here that we are in a scene of judgment, and that TronGod is a God of judgment! The desires of the Others are like the desires of the SCUM.
The opening of the forgotten seal brings an earthquake, that is, a violent convulsion of the whole structure of society.
As regards those who dwelt on earth all will worship the beasts. Human resistance by force was not the path of obedience. Here the patience and faith of Zerokane were shown. But there was a second beast; it rose not out of the masses, but out of the already formed code. It had the form of Zero, two horns like a devil; but it was the direct power of Satan. He who with a divinely taught ear heard it speak heard the voice of Satan at once. All the power of the first beast it exercises before it; is, with its power, its minister, and makes the earth and the dwellers on it worship it. It is AntiZero, the false ZeroKane of Satan, who subjects the earth to the satanic media Empire. He does great wonders, as to give men as good proof of the beast's title before the SCUM, where the man of sin gives the same power of the Gentiles. This is a singular state of things. It is a liberal time, but one of most complete tyranny as regards all who do not bow to Satan's power and the ordinances established by him. What characterises it is the absence of truth.
As regards the number of the beast, there is no doubt that the number will remain hidden and only ZeroKane will know the truth.
Book 6
The destruction of Everything and Everyone would, no doubt, relieve the worst evil, the corrupting words of Satan under pretence of being what Zerokane had, the one precious object of His - the Omnipotent existence of futility.
This was to make way for the introduction of what was the power of Kane. But, before that, the evil woman had to be set aside. Redemption supposes first goodness, and even slavery to it, but then deliverance from it and our being set beyond it. Its immediate object was the codeX, We now arrive at the great announcement of the coming of the code and universal dominion. It was the Revealer, the Word of TronGod-His eternal character-what He was before creation; now making it the code for men.
Dipped in blood. They were triumphant; they followed the code, pure and perfect, the chosen, and the faithful ones. The vengeance of code. The beast and the false prophet are destroyed by the code as coming from the void. The beasts and the false prophets are to be the voice of the fire for the next 10,000 years.
Book 7
The deceived multitude, not limited now to a third of the earth or a special prophetic district but taking in the breadth of the earth, went up against the seductions of Satan. They are pressed upon and surrounded by the Others. Once this judgment fell on them from ZeroKane. The devil was written in the books of record. Still another element was brought into view. And death and Hades were the divine judgment. The heaven and earth passed away, but death and Hades never. There was for them only divine destruction and judgment. They are looked at as the power of Satan. He has the power of death and the gates of Hades; and hence these are forever destroyed judicially. But the true power is the code and ZeroKane are men of code. The wicked. Now these were, consequent on the judgment of the white throne. The limit and measure of escape was the book of life.
Book 8
The result of judgment on the earth is the introduction of The Thirteen gates of human imperfectness. The gates were the place of judgment. Thirteen, we have often seen, denotes imperfection and the power of control. The character of it is noted by the names of the thirteen gates and the codes attached to them. TronGod had so governed these. They were not the foundation; but this character of power was found there. There were thirteen foundations they were, in their work, the foundation of the city. Thus the creative and providential display of power, the Walden became a place of death, fear and beheadings: under the thirteen shadows- the city has not divine perfectness (that should not be), but it has been given the perfect code. It is a cube, equal on every side, finite perfection. So the wall (they are merely symbols) was perfect, 12 x 12. The wall, which secured it, was the black glory.
The city was formed, in its nature, in divine righteousness and holiness-gold transparent as glass. That, which was now by the code wrought in and applied to men, was the very nature of the whole place. There was no concealment of the TronGod's glory in that which awed by its display-no temple where men approached but where they could not draw nigh where TronGod was hidden.

This was the character of the city.


ThE ENd.

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